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Light of my life. July 27, 2008

Posted by phledge in family, fun, phlegm.

Bug is my six-year old niece, having celebrated the occasion of her birthday on Friday. I have two stories to share about her that will illustrate just how fucking cool she is.

Story #1:  Several cousins, including Bug, are jumping on my dad’s ~14-foot trampoline in his backyard.  He is watching them, muttering to the other adults, “Someone’s gonna get hurt out there…someone’s gonna fall…whup, there goes one.”  And so on.  Bug is the third to fall, and exasperated she exclaims, “Oh, GRAVITY!”

What kind of six-year old blames her misstep on a (correctly associated) force of nature?

Story #2:  Bug announces to her mother, “I really want to take care of animals and keep them from getting hurt, so I think I will become a vegetarian.”  My sister says, “You mean you want to be a veterinarian?”  Bug rolls her eyes and says, “Well, yeah, that too, but I want to stop eating meat.”



1. k2sc1 - August 11, 2008

Bug is very awesome.

2. something_or_another - April 29, 2009

Why yes she is awesome indeed… *D*
I love her way of saving animals.

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