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Awesome new book! May 31, 2008

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There have been many times where I have been tempted, or rather goaded by guilt, to become vegetarian.  Obviously it’s not for the weight loss element; or maybe not so obviously, as I used to believe that there was no such thing as a fat vegetarian, and even now I have my suspicions that the kind of meat consumption in which this country engages isn’t exactly healthy for us.  But I digress.



Deserving. May 27, 2008

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There are two things wrong with the word “deserve.”

First, it perpetuates the culture of entitlement to which we all belong here in the West.  The trigger for this post was actually a car commercial, one notable for its lack of bragging about its >30 MPG (which amuses and disgusts me simultaneously, as it’s pretty bogus to suggest that anything below 40 is reasonable)—presumably it doesn’t get good gas mileage.  Anyway, in said commercial, a woman slinks by the side of this vehicle—I seem to recall it being a Mercury—and says seductively, “You deserve it.”  The implication here is that if you’ve been Good then you deserve to splurge on something that will kill your pocketbook and the oil fields.  Forgive me for picking on the car folks; this is not just their flaw but ranges widely across many, many advertisements.  “You work so hard and isn’t it a pity that you haven’t given yourself a Coke today?  Because, Jesus, you deserve it.  Like you deserved that diamond bracelet and that off-road vehicle and that flat-panel TV that’s just like being at the game and that cell phone now with fifty percent more shit you won’t use anyway.”  Anyone here old young enough to remember the McDonald’s jingle, “You deserve a break today, at McDonald’s?”  It’s like that.  So when kids come to their parents and give them a ration of shit because they don’t get everything they want, and they pine, “But maaaaaaaaahm, I did my homework and my laundry and I even ate your horrible casserole!  I deserve to go to Brittney’s house!” we know from whence this attitude comes, or at very least is reinforced.

The second beef I have with the concept of deserving is that it skews our perception of how the world really is.  How is it that poor kids deserve less attention at Christmastime than rich kids?  Oh, wait, they don’t.  The rich kids didn’t earn it, and the poor kids did nothing to lose it.  Who deserves cancer?  Who deserves being raped?  We have an inflated sense of vengeance justice and we like to see it served, don’t we?  When tragedy strikes (and don’t get me started on how so few “tragedies” today really qualify as such in the classical Greek sense of the term), we cluck to ourselves and think, “Well, maybe that person deserved it.”  And we hope that we don’t.  But really, there is no turning back either blessings or curses.  Much of our lives are driven by sheer luck and showing up.

Of course, in fat hatred we find people justifying their prejudices by insisting that the fatty deserves everything they get, from mockery to malpractice.  How comforting it must be to think that the recovered fatty doesn’t deserve these things!  Surely this is one of the Fantasies of Being Thin—not ever being sick!  In medicine, it’s not uncommon to find caregivers who think that smokers deserve lung cancer and emphysema and, by extension, do not deserve excellent medical attention.  (See also alcoholics, IV drug users, drug users in general, unwed mothers, liberals, illegal immigrants, and the homeless.)  Oh, if ONLY people wouldn’t drink, smoke, fuck, eat, ride bicycles, drive, get piercings, move, breathe, live—ah, THEN we would not have sick people!  Huzzah!  A profound achievement in disease management!

Then you’d deserve good medical care.

If deserving is an element of justice, then I think we could all do well with a dose of compassion, which is an element of mercy.

What I thought about the new Indy movie (no spoilers). May 23, 2008

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Chère Monsieurs Spielberg et Lucas:

You can’t sell us CGI and call it good storytelling.  Monsieur Lucas, you should have already learned this lesson, in abundance.

Mes regards,


Why I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day. May 11, 2008

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If there is one way I believe myself to be a lesser, evil being, it is the way I feel about my mother, who died in 2001.  It’s complicated, and contradictory, and changes depending on what I’m doing, but by and large I did not have much patience or respect for her.  I live much of my life focused on not becoming her (who doesn’t?) but since this blog has pretty much become my therapy I’ll explain why: (more…)

Alright, I have to share this with you. May 7, 2008

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Mr Phledge has been reading a lot about global warming and the unavoidable energy crisis and maybe we’re just gonna go live on a farm and buy a lot of guns type reading.  We’re lying in bed last night, chatting about how in the bloody hell we can turn this Titanic around, how the NASCAR crowd and people like my dad would willingly submit to a concept that asked them to walk to work or compost, and I (not entirely in jest) said, “Revolution.  It’s gotta be a full-fledged revolution, overturning the patriarchal dominance/submission paradigm because that’s what allows us to be Us versus Them.  Fucking patriarchy.”

A pause from the other side of the bed, then, softly, “Yes, dear.”

Ladies and gentlemen, charity begins at home.

Wouldn’t you know? May 6, 2008

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Just when I decide that I really should focus on studying, Kate goes and links me to Shakesville.  I kind of feel like a rube invited to meet the Queen—Shakesville is one of my favorite places on the ‘toobs—but all I can say is:  Welcome Shakers!  Hope you find something useful here, and I’ll be back in a jiffy.

Hold my calls. May 6, 2008

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I’ll be out for a couple days while I finish the last tests of my second year (yay!) and then I take boards (boo!) on the 21st.  I might come up with something noteworthy, but I doubt it—my brain is packed to overflowing with hematological disorders and ocular parasites.  Mmm, loa loa.

Vajayjay? Honestly? May 1, 2008

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I’m ashamed to say that, as I alluded to in a comment, I am indeed not very good at confrontation.  Upon reading SM’s brilliant analysis of what words can do, I let my sister get away with it. And this is the one to whom I’m closest, the one with whom I can talk all kinds of issues and still feel safe and loved (more…)