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The scariest thing. June 21, 2008

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I can’t eat.

I admit freely that I eat more when I am stressed out; personally I’m inclined to believe that this is a function of a very perky adrenal output, which biochemically stimulates appetite, but I’m not in the mood to fight for why I am who I am.  It could just be that I, in the immortal words of Po the Kung Fu Panda, eat when I’m upset.  But this time is different. (more…)

My reliable support system. June 20, 2008

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I’m in a tailspin, y’all.

I just confirmed on Wednesday that my husband has been cheating on me, in a manner of speaking.  I now know that he has at least engaged in phone sex with a coworker, kissed her, fondled her, and expressed the sense that she understands him in a way I cannot because they are both survivors of sexual abuse.  I had my suspicions beginning a few months ago that something was amiss between us, and then a few weeks ago it amplified.  Last week I had no doubt that there was a huge problem, and this week I did the footwork to get a clear picture of what has happened.  I’ve done some snuffling around the ‘toob for support for infidelity, but I need to tell my story and hopefully someone here can assure me that I’m not crazy. (more…)

The end. June 13, 2008

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This is a difficult decision for me, but I am certain it is the right one.  Effective 1 August 2008 this blog will be sacrificed to the Toob Gods.  I’ve discovered that I spend a great deal more time online than I would like, in general, and way more time thinking and worrying and prepping for this blog, specifically.  I am definitely available by email (see “Comment Policy/Contact Me”) and would love to hear from my, erm, fans.  The blogroll is a good place to start looking if you want to find something else sort of like me that contains some fun ranting and hearty thinking, but I just can’t do it anymore.  It hasn’t remotely been what I expected—no fault of anyone’s—and I can’t put the energy into something that isn’t bringing me joy.  Peace out, y’all.

On bacation. June 2, 2008

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Like it’ll be a whole lot different from what I’ve been putting out recently, anyway.  I just haven’t had a lot to say.  See y’all next week, or later.