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Mr Phledge. March 1, 2008

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I debated posting this because I have not yet decided whether to tell Mr Phledge about this blog, but I think this is something I’d like to write about and if I do someday tell him where to find me online I will have already deleted the post.

When Mr Phledge and I met in 2003 I was quite a bit slimmer and definitely more fit.  One of our first big dates was a backcountry trip to Butano State Park in California, and I had no problems hiking around like a pro.  Today, I am not so fit, and I have been expanding physically since I got into school.  Well, shit, you sit in a chair for eight hours a day, five days a week, not including time spent studying on one’s own, and see how fit you stay!  I digress.  We had a Talk about my body a few weeks ago.  In particular, Mr Phledge was expressing his dismay that I was “not taking care of myself.”  When I asked him to clarify what he meant–for example, have I started forgetting to brush my teeth again?–he said that he was surprised that I didn’t realize how much weight I have gained since we got married.

Sigh.  I hate it when work follows me home.



Aww, kitteh. March 1, 2008

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My husband took this picture of my youngest cat, Mu (pronounced “mew,” which was the name given to her by the family who originally fostered her–I took over when she was about four weeks and gave her a proper scientific name).

Mu in a Blanket

Mr Phledge insists that he did not set this picture up, and I’m inclined to believe him.  Mu is known for burrowing into clothes, blankets, and towels.  She is also famous for her ball-fetching skills and her ability to tear into doorjambs like she was a real Bengal tiger instead of the Bengal mix cat that she actually is.  She has a nasty case of feline acne right now and she’s rather self-conscious of it.  So there’s the kyut post of the day.  Maybe that should be a theme so I don’t overload my gentle readers with my bitching.

The good crave. February 23, 2008

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Okay, so I’m really on a challenging journey trying to figure out what my body wants to eat.  It’s hard for a couple of reasons:

  • I’ve been dieting for so damn long that I’m used to someone else telling me what I should eat.
  • I’m in school.  I do not have instantaneous access to nourishing, inexpensive, fresh foods of all varieties.  I am lucky if I can afford Chipotle.  Also, I am stuck in a box for eight hours a day.  I do not have time to cook.
  • My husband and I have very different ideas of how to eat.  I am a grazer; he is a two-squares a day type.
  • I tend toward overeating because, as one of six children, I subconsciously panic that if I don’t eat it all now there will be none left later.  Intellectually I know this is ridiculous.  The hungry child within begs to differ.