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Alright, I have to share this with you. May 7, 2008

Posted by phledge in blood, family, feminism, paganism.

Mr Phledge has been reading a lot about global warming and the unavoidable energy crisis and maybe we’re just gonna go live on a farm and buy a lot of guns type reading.  We’re lying in bed last night, chatting about how in the bloody hell we can turn this Titanic around, how the NASCAR crowd and people like my dad would willingly submit to a concept that asked them to walk to work or compost, and I (not entirely in jest) said, “Revolution.  It’s gotta be a full-fledged revolution, overturning the patriarchal dominance/submission paradigm because that’s what allows us to be Us versus Them.  Fucking patriarchy.”

A pause from the other side of the bed, then, softly, “Yes, dear.”

Ladies and gentlemen, charity begins at home.



1. BigLiberty - May 7, 2008

LOL Oh man, great post. Sometimes I find myself lecturing poor, poor DF about how men of his generation were carefully set up to think that only one body type is attractive, and man of his generation who doesn’t fit the paradigm is a rebel indeed…

“And you too, honey. I know you find tall blonde, thin women with huge boobs attractive. I know that’s your type, but it’s not your fault and you’re really doing much better with that these days.”

“Yes, hon. Diets don’t work and people can’t permanently change their weights. Look at me, I’ve weighed the same, give or take five pounds, for the last twenty years.”

He’s learning. Charity begins at home, indeed! 😉

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