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Sputter. April 18, 2008

Posted by phledge in fat, health, yellow bile.

Congratulations to Sara over at F-Words for emerging from brain surgery relatively unscathed.  And for keeping her sanity and civility when someone says shit like this. I think if I were a cancer survivor, or someone, like Sara, who has gone through the nightmare that is a potential cancer diagnosis, and I read something like this, well, I would asplode. As it is I am neither survivor nor the near-missed, and I’m still taking bets on where my blood pressure just went.



1. AnnieMcPhee - April 18, 2008

I too am very glad that Sara got through her horrific experience so amazingly well. And back to blogging so quickly! The most minor of surgeries lays me up for like, ever. Truly awe-inspiring.

As to the emily person…I can’t get too mad. The people who commented were pretty brutal, and mostly because they hate that she grew up with money and some questionable values. It somewhat reminds me of how fat people are hated for playing the hand they were dealt. I don’t see that she meant any harm by the remark, as insensitive as it may be. It’s really sad, to be honest, that she’s bought into such a truly warped value system and hates her body that much. And…I saw the before pictures and was stunned – NO idea how she possibly could have lost that much weight – where WAS it all? She didn’t even look fat at all. I’m stymied.

I might feel differently if I read more of her stuff, but I don’t know. Considering the amount of vitriol thrown her way just for her birth circumstances, I don’t know if I wouldn’t feel a bit defensive on her behalf and that would muck it all up.

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