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Hair management. February 23, 2008

Posted by phledge in fat, medical school, yellow bile.

So, one of my instructors is also a primary care physician–I believe she’s an internist–and I was told that she has a hair-removal laser in her office.  (It’s disturbing the high percentage of physicians in Vegas who evidently can’t make ends meet unless they have some sort of in-house, cash-pay “medispa.”  One more reason not to practice in this place.)  She happens to be the instructor who gave the lecture on obesity as an eating disorder, and it’s no secret that she finds obesity to be a major destructive force in patients.  Now, I am in the market for a laser treatment; specifically, I want to go to Brazil (ahem).  It took a great deal of courage for me to even ask her about getting laser hair removal, and she sort of hemmed and hawed about it, hasn’t given me a price menu yet, etc.  I was not even specific about the kind of hair removal, but I did ask her if she was okay with taking students on and she said yes, unequivocally.  So I’ve got it in my head, y’know, 2 + 2 and all that, that she doesn’t want me to pay her probably upward of a thousand bucks to burn off my hoo-hoo hair because said hair is in between thighs that are just too fat for her to not throw up when she sees them.  Am I projecting?



1. jaed - March 1, 2008

Maybe. If she objected to doing hair removal on you she probably would have said hmmm, I don’t think I should treat students – I mean, it sounds like it would have been the perfect opportunity to demur.

Also if you didn’t tell her what kind of hair, the thigh thing probably didn’t come to mind – I mean, I don’t know for sure but my guess is the most common use for laser hair removal is facial. Surely even a fat-hating doctor wouldn’t object to that? (Well, maybe some would. “OMG – a fat upper lip!” 😉

2. phledge - March 1, 2008

Ha. I’m starting to wonder if she’s worried about removing the hairs from my chinny-chin-chins. I caught her in the hall again yesterday and she instantaneously slapped her forehead, muttering, “I am SO sorry–I keep forgetting!” I did say, jokingly, “Y’know, I’m starting to wonder why this is happening; I mean, I will be paying you.” She groaned and said, “I know, I know.”

I’m probably just projecting. But she’s still a fat hater.

3. fatgirlonadate - May 13, 2008

… if she’s a fat hater, why go to her anyway? Your thighs don’t deserve her scorn – don’t subject them to it!

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